Vietnam Litigation Check

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Steps to provide products

1. Request product and confirm: within hours
2. Effect payment: 1 - 3 working days
3. Delivery mode: Email
4. Turnaround time:

  • Online system: 1 working days
  • Others: 3 – 5 working days

Product sample

1. Litigation check report:

Providing a list of litigation record involving the requested subject, it includes Case No.; Year recored; Filling date; Parties’ details; Law firm involved; Law firm’s name; attorney, case’s short description and court decision attached.

Litigation check report sample  (English)
Litigation check report sample (tiếng Việt)

2. Business license:

It includes 1) Name of the enterprise and enterprise code number; 2) Head office address; 3) Full name, permanent residential address, nationality and number of citizen's identity card of the legal representative; and 4) Charter capital.

Business license sample  (English)
Business license sample ( tiếng Việt)

3. Other reports available upon request

About us

Vietnam Litigation Check is a product which has been developed by Caselaw Vietnam LLC since 2017.

How can I find out if organization or corporation has been sued in court?

Vietnam Litigation Check helps to determine whether an organization or corporation has ever been a party to civil litigation in court. For companies, this information is useful for business partner assessment and senior level employee screening. Record of litigation or the history of legal proceedings plays an important role during decision-making by organizations.